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VIP DJ-Set 21.11.2020 - DJ von Schlotterstein  


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21. November 2020 23:00  

Die Playlist:

The Murderous Mistake - Golden Age
Dreadful Shadows - Dead Can Wait
Sonsombre - Fire
A Place To Bury Strangers - Now It's Over
Holygram - Signals
The House Of Usher - Äktinoktiom
Horror Vacui - In Darkness You Will Feel Alright
Black Arcade - Was Is Will Be
Rosetta Stone - Shock
Benediction - Crowded Room
Die Unbekannten - Don't Tell Me Stories
The Last Of Us - The Eternal Machine
Madness Of The Night - We Are Gothrockers And We Don't Care
The Mission - Bloodbrothers
Clan Of Xymox - Emily
Creux Lies - Silhoutte
Die Robot - 10.000 Years
Blind Seagull - Connections
Girls Under Glass - The Heat In My Heart
Model Kaos - The Master
Silent Runners - Cavemen (Kill Shelter Remix)
Fliehende Stürme - Blauer Mond
Safety Dance - Oil
Angels Of Liberty - Death To Wake Up
Inkubus Sukkubus - Song Of The Siren
Paul Roland - Gargoyles
Phantom Vision - More Than Than
Soror Dolorosa - The Figure Of The Night
In Death It Ends - We All Die



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